Monday, June 15, 2009

Kate the Great

I'm dedicating this first post on my blog to the person who inspired me and encouraged me to start blogging, Kate of Organic Odysseys.
Kate is an amazing artist with a heart as big as her talent. She is inspired by everything in nature, and has a unique and imaginative way to help others see things in a new way.

Look at that corn bug for a moment and you will see that it is on a soybean leaf, head made of a soy bean, body of corn, wings of sage leaves? I'm not sure I'm right, but I had to stare at it and ponder... How did she come up with that idea? What inspired her to put it together like that? How did she choose those colors? When something makes me take a second, third, fourth look, I know it is something wonderful, highly artistic and interesting. Who could ask for more in a work of art.
Kate is a full-time artist specializing in Judaic art and polymer clay art fashioned from organic produce. AKA Zayit Gale she has a photostream on flicker under that name for her Judaica items. These are found in Her organic pieces can also be seen at Her vintage items and fabric art is for sale at

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  1. Oh my! What a flattering surprise! I am blushing and home alone! :) I don't know how great I am but I sure appreciate the sentiment, thanks Jill and welcome to Blog world! You did great for your first piece (subject aside!). Thanks!