Monday, July 17, 2017

Challenge jaune et turquoise

It is summer and so wonderful to have time to create!  My friends at Creation Fimo have been working on a color challenge.  We had to work with only two colors, yellow and turquoise.  Here I will share with you my process
 Layered, impressed and shaved
Shavings flipped
Shaped from artist's cutter
Curing clay "frames"  

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Texture Maison

 My friends at Creations Fimo and one of my favorite blogs, the Art Bead Scene, have proposed challenges that piqued my interest this month. At CF the challenge was to make our own textures in  polymer clay.  Please come see all our creations on Parole de pâte here.  At the Art Beads Scene blog the challenge was to make art beads using Marc Chagall's America Windows as our inspiration.

My favorite way to make textures is by using wax.  I melt paraffin wax in a shallow wooden box, let it cool and harden, and then carve out the texture I desire.  If I like the design I can keep it forever by using the wax as a mold to make a cast and another mold in polymer clay.   Of course, if I don't like my design I can always grab my heat gun and erase it in a matter of seconds.
Here are some of the results of my participation in these challenges:

Friday, July 15, 2016

Round and Round We go

Today on Parole de pâte you will find a collection of creations in polymer with one common motif, the circle.  Our group, CréationFimo, has been busy creating and today is the day to share the fruits of our labor with everyone.  You will want to see the many unique interpretations on this theme.  My own contribution is a neckpiece.
I enjoyed texturing and highlighting each of the circles with metallic acrylic paints. I was inspired by colors found in rusted metal as in this photo

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Art Bead Scene June Challenge

This month at the Art Bead Scene the artwork of John Louis Rhead has been chosen as inspiration for bead makers and jewelry designers.
The New York Public Library
I chose a polymer and wire pendant that I made several months ago since it seemed to have all the colors I needed for this challenge. 
I then picked some lovely glass beads made by Chic Elbert. Her beads are the six disk-shaped beads.  They have a beautiful iridescent glow with warm blue, yellow and orange glass that shines through from beneath.
I feel that Chic's beads give my piece just the right sparkle, don't you agree?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Challenge de couleurs - le bleu et le rose

Maryy has proposed a challenge for us at CréationFimo. We were to use only pink and blue to create something new. 
You can see the results of her challenge on Parole de Pâte today.  

I started  with a transfer of a photo I had taken  of some daisies I in my my garden...
I turned it into black and white and made a transfer on clay with t-shirt transfer paper, and then I used ink to tint the flowers pink and blue.
Well, I went along my merry way coloring and scraping and coloring with ink as I focused on not making any purple.  Oops, I made white instead.  I had forgotten that white was as bad as purple!

So I tried again...
I used the same process except that I didn't scrape all the way down to the clay and made certain to avoid white.  Some of the color is actually made with metalic acrylic paints.  

Challenge Multi Couches - Multi-layers

At the francophone forum Polym'air de rien we were working on perfecting the technique of layering with clay and stamps and liquid clay and more!  I didn't get a chance to enter my piece, but here is a link to the other participants' work.  
As usual I made the challenge more challenging than it needed to be.I began with white clay that I made colorful using a batik technique with paper and ink.

I saw a little bluebird among the random designs, so I made it my focus.  I then picked out some of my favorite translucent canes and made some more using my oil paints as usual.

After adding some cane pieces and curing, I gouged out a few lines for fun, then I painted some more and sanded.

I then encircled the piece with metal tape used for soldering stained glass in order to prevent the liquid from running over the edges.  I also added some wispy dried leaves of a nigella plant (love in a mist). Before putting it back in the oven to cure, I carefully set the liquid clay with a heat gun making certain not to make any "waves".
After this I sanded it and made a beaded clay frame.

I learned many things from my Polym'air de rien friends along the way - in particular that one can sand and buff cured liquid clay.  After sanding and buffing I think it came out pretty nice.