Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Challenge de couleurs - le bleu et le rose

Maryy has proposed a challenge for us at CréationFimo. We were to use only pink and blue to create something new.
You can see the results of her challenge on Parole de Pâte today.  

I started  with a transfer of a photo I had taken  of some daisies I in my my garden...
I turned it into black and white and made a transfer on clay with t-shirt transfer paper, and then I used ink to tint the flowers pink and blue.
Well, I went along my merry way coloring and scraping and coloring with ink as I focused on not making any purple.  Oops, I made white instead.  I had forgotten that white was as bad as purple!

So I tried again...
I used the same process except that I didn't scrape all the way down to the clay and made certain to avoid white.  Some of the color is actually made with metalic acrylic paints.  

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