Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GrisBleu - Wonderful Tutorial

I've been wanting to make a necklace for my college friend, my first Japanese friend, Midori. Her parents named her Midori (the word means green or blue) for the ocean since she was born when her family was living in Israel near the pretty blue/green sea. When I saw those lovely beads on GrisBleu's site I knew they would be perfect for a set for my dear friend.

Here is my progress....

The colors I chose were light blue, slate blue, aqua and a lime green:

I then laid the thin colors on the thick translucent:

I cut out pieces and used repel gel to keep them from sticking to my "cabochons":

Last night I put backs on each one. I'm hoping I will have time to sand them tonight.
After that I will carve her name in one and make lots of holes (like bubbles in the water).
Please wish me luck :)

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