Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A birthday present for Debbie - Nov 25, 2009

A birthday present for Debbie - Nov 25, 2009, originally uploaded by Jill Palumbo.

One warm September Saturday as summer was giving way to fall my friend Debbie, her daughter Anna, Anna's friend Audrey and I went on our annual, day-long rummaging adventure at Matthews, Indiana.

Debbie has been patiently teaching me various skills needed to be an excellent yard sale/garage sale/rummage sale/flea market ...shopper. When we go shopping together, it is serious business. We plan our general route, and take drinks and snacks and plenty of small change and dollar bills. Stops (even for restroom breaks) are not a high priority. There is a way to park at just the right angle to get back on the road quickly, and there is a way to negotiate prices without offending the sellers. There are certain houses that always have the best sales, and there are others we know to drive on by with only a slight slowing of the van to assess what might be worthy of our time. Debbie has taught me that sometimes the best stuff is under the tables and that there is always enough room in the van if we pack it just so.

My favorite find from this year's shopping extravaganza has been sitting in my garage begging for my attention for a couple months now. Except for the one leg that looked as if a puppy had chewed on it and the fabric that was worn and discolored, this rocker was a gem, and just begged to come home with me. I sat down in ti, and it was very sturdy. Then Debbie tried it out too. When I saw her in it, I realized immediately that it was meant to be hers. It fit her perfectly!

I acted like I really liked it, and wanted it for myself, and she was very encouraging. She told me how she would take off the old fabric, and it would be so easy to get some new fabric and tacks, sand the leg, etc. She said I could bring it over to her garage, and we'd have a great time doing it together.

Well, that would have been fun, but I really wanted to do it myself as a surprise for her. This project has been on hold for a couple months, but this week I finally found time to pick out fabric, tear the old off and put everything all back together. This is my first upholstering project, and it was a bunch of work, but I had so much fun doing it hoping that this would be a hit with my dear friend.

I'm taking it over to her today, so I hope to have a couple photos of her in it to show you soon.

At this holiday time, I am so very thankful for my good friends and family. I am indeed blessed with so many who love me and are a joy in my life.

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  1. It came out wonderfully Jill! Bravo! I'm sure she will love it, what a great friend you are! I used to be the Garage Sale Queen too, knew all the tricks but now I've gotten to the stage of 'cleaning out' Less is more, more comforting, less overwhelming, but I remember the fun, and on Sundays when out for a drive if I happen to see one and we have some cash on us...............:)

    Hey is that your Turkey in the oven? I did mine last night. I have a very small kitchen and have to parcel out the dishes over the week to get it all done. Off now to cook down the carcass to get broth for the dressing and for Pot pie over the W/E, Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!