Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fairy princess Inspired by Fairy Feller's-Master Stroke by Richard Daddpart 2 (26)

Fairy princess Inspired by Fairy Feller's-Master Stroke by Richard Dadd
 originally uploaded by Jill Palumbo.
It has been quite a week. We ended our first trimester courses on Friday, so I spent much of last week writing and giving exams. Now this week I have new classes to get off the ground. I'm almost able to catch my breath. Every chance I get I forgo sleeping to make things for my upcoming show at Minnetrista, December 4 and 5.

This fairy is one of quite a few I've been making over the last week or so. My goal is to put something together to enter in the Art Bead Scene November Challenge. Here is a photo of his painting.

The more I learn about this artist, Richard Dadd, the more I want to know. Quite an interesting "feller" himself. He did the amazing work of art (featured at the Artbead Scene Blog this month) while was incarcerated in a mental ward/prison for killing his father, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Each character in the painting actually had a name and persona. Wish I had more time to delve into his poetry and other artwork. Maybe over Christmas break?

So far I'm into making lots of focal pieces, but I'll try to add some accent beads to the mix and make a couple beaded necklaces or bracelets for the challenge. I'll have to rename my pieces as I learn the names they should go by according to the original artist.

Please come visit my Flickr photostream where I have posted a set of my photos of the method I used to make my pieces as well as many of the finished pieces. I'll continue to add to these as I make and photograph more.
Thanks so much for looking :).

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