Sunday, January 3, 2010

Collection of "Warm and Bubbly" Pendants

As I woke up this morning the outside temperature reading on our alarm clock was flashing negative six degrees fahrenheit, brrrrrr....
I'd just been dreaming of sea turtles and floating in a nice warm current in some sunny corner of the world before being jolted back to the reality of cold floors and frost on the windows.

My dreams must be a result of watching too much Nemo or because I've been working on a cane of a sea turtle for a custom order. In any case, my extruded bubble cane (translucent clay and disks of blues/silvers/aquas/pearls) is the result of my wishes for a nice warm sunny day instead of this cold, cold start to the year.

I've had a couple requests for a tutorial on this extruded bubbles idea that I dreamed up in an effort to make some "oceany" backgrounds for the sea turtles for my new client. As soon as I can get that tutorial accomplished, I'll post something here and on Flickr.

Hope you are all staying warm and safe and are looking forward to a happy and heathy new year.


  1. It's getting chilly around here too and your post of sun and warm currents, made me feel just a little warmer inside. Beautiful pendants! You really have captured a warm and bubbly look to them.

  2. Hi Cindy, thanks so much for your comment.
    It warmed my heart to read your words.
    I don't know whether you have done an extruded bubble cane, but I just posted a link to my tutorial on Flickr, or you could go to it from here...