Thursday, March 25, 2010

Present from Jill !! :) Lovely Neckless !

Such a happy surprise! This evening I was checking my Flickr home page and found a note from a very talented and patient young lady. Miss Haruko has been helping me practice my Japanese while we share ideas about art together, and we decided to exchange artist trading cards for fun. I wanted to send a special thank you gift with my card, so I made some cat pendants based on Haruko's own artwork. I'm so happy she liked the cat pendant which you see in her hand.
If you head over to her photostream be sure to check out her stop-motion short films. She draws and paints and does all the collages and artwork in them as well as the photography and editing into films. This one is so much
and this one is so colorful and a wonderful story...

Here is a collection of the pendants...

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