Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cherry Blossoms Reflection

I took a class at Minnetrista and had a wonderful time trying stained glass :). It isn't perfect, but this activity was a great way to relieve the stress of nearly losing my language program, the one I've been nurturing for 22 years! I would highly reccomend this sort of class at Minnetrista. Our instructor, Anie, was the best! So patient and helpful and kind.


  1. Jill, it turned out just beautifully! So Pretty! Stained glass is something I've wanted to try for over 30 years -- I still have a book Richard & I bought when we thought we'd learn it way back then. Yours is wonderful!

  2. Hi Nan, I think we should try doing this together. The only things I'd have to round up are flux, some glass breaking plyers and a grinder. You already have a soldering iron and solder, and I have some glass and the copper tape. I have a scorer but it doesn't have oil. I hear some people use oil that is for sewing machines. I'll have to see about that. We could do it, really we could. I was pleasantly surprised at how it was really not so intimidating once I saw it done first hand. Some of it was so tedious, but not hard at all. Of course I'll have to practice if I want to get better, but it would be fun to practice together.