Sunday, September 26, 2010

Art Bead Scene Blog: September Monthly Challenge

Art Bead Scene Blog: September Monthly Challenge

My last couple weeks have been a struggle. Stress at work (not the students, they are wonderful!)  and studying for a Spanish class and worrying about my mother in law's fragile health was really getting to me, and I had to head to the hospital for a round of tests to see whether my heart was okay. Then my mother in law passed away, on her 84th birthday, September 17.  I feel that it is such a blessing that we were able to be with her when she passed.  We told her happy birthday and hugged her and said our goodbyes.  She left peacefully and I'm sure she's dancing with her "Lou" now.  It has been a difficult time for our family, and she will certainly be missed. 
I did have good news on my stress tests. My heart is fine; I just have to find ways to lessen my stress level!
Well, here is my way to de-stress. I decided to do a mosaic. Something about creating focal beads in clay, painting and gluing always makes me a happy camper, and it isn't just the glue! I spent the day outside to be sure of that - a crisp and sunny autumn day.
My color palate was inspired by "Persia" by George Barbier, a French illustrator of the 20th century.
This painting is the challenge piece for this month's Art Bead Scene Blog. I chose the orange-red of my focal beads to match the lady's elegant attire and the turquoise was inspired by the beautiful vases. My pattern is inspired by the lady's hat; I used tempered glass in two heights, the higher for a feathery effect. Since "Persia" is the title of Barbier's work, and when I think of Persian art I think of mosaics, I thought this would be a perfect response to this challenge.
I always feel better when I take some time to "play" with my art. Doing this piece this weekend has given me time to relax a bit and time to ponder. Art is fun and rejuvenating and helps me deal better with the things I can't change and gives me energy to face a hectic schedule the rest of the week.


  1. Jill! These are so beautiful, you are truly talented and I pray for complete restoration for you body and spirit! Keep creating. Miss you, buddy.

  2. Jill, I agree wholeheartedly with B. are so talented and gifted---not only with the art that you do and the teaching that you do and the mothering that you do and the "wife-ing" that you do....but as a friend and a human being---you are one in a million! Take time for you, my friend! I was so sorry to hear about Pat's mom, but am so glad to read that you were all with her......a blessing. Your hubby and my dad will be celebrating their special days on Wednesday. I will be over soon to see you!

  3. Hi Britton and Joyce, two of my favorite people. Thanks so much for your kind comments. Hugs to you both,