Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Challenge Égypte- Thème Artistique Medusa

Such an enjoyable challenge!  At Creationfimo in connection with Parole de Pâte, Medusa oversees the artistic themed challenges.  This one is concerning Egypt.  I think I didn't read the rules carefully enough.  I understood that we were not allowed to use stamps nor transfers.  I missed the sumptuous jewelry instructions completely and zeroed into the idea of drawing inspiration from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.  My heart belongs to languages and all I could think of after reading the instructions were the hieroglyphs themselves.
First I studied pictures of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs on Flickr.  I then tried to carve some small flat beads from my stash of polymer.
Then I pushed these into some raw clay.  I tried to embellish the impressions in the raw clay and then I highlighted the details with some acrylic paints.  I used metallic paints since I wanted to address the sumptuous idea of the instructions.  
This was almost the effect I had envisioned, but not quite, so I tried again.  This time I carved an entire piece of cured clay.
Now I liked my carvings.  I was able to use this new carved mold to make this bracelet.  I used ripped clay to make the design seem like a miniaturized relic.  
I loved the process so much that I kept making earrings and pendants - and more pendants.  

 I loved the entire process and have become more aware of Egyptian history and culture through this opportunity to create.  I am so appreciative of all the Creationfimo members, and their patience with me.  I sometimes don't get the instructions quite right, but I'm enjoying the process.  I have met some delightful francophone polymer artists.   Thank you, Medusa, for your inspiration in making this challenge.  
I'm hoping that I will be back soon to try some more challenges.  I will be having surgeries tomorrow - an anterior cervical discectomy fusion  and carpal tunnel release.  I'll have to recuperate a bit before I can play with clay again.  


  1. Es una maravilla, me encanta. Besos

  2. Superbe série Jill, je suis ravie de voir comme ce sujet t'a inspiré car tout ce que tu as fait est magnifique! Bisou