Sunday, July 28, 2013

Art Nouveau Neckpiece for Art Bead Scene Blog: July Monthly Challenge

Art Bead Scene Blog: July Monthly Challenge
At the time Picasso painted the portrait of his wife (this month's ABS challenge inspiration) art nouveau was all the rage.  I love the organic shapes and ethereal feel of art nouveau.  I've tried to emulate some of this in my neckpiece for the ABS challenge.  
I made a face cane since female faces and figures are such a big part of the art nouveau style.  I focused on a photo of my grandmother, Amy Ellen Rice Glasgow Wilson, since she was so dear to me.  I love to look at her face and remember her many kindnesses to me.  I imagined that Picasso's wife, Olga, was similar in appearance to my grandma, and they lived at the same time.

 Then I added some butterfly wings and flowery touches. The wings are actually mostly translucent.
Do you see my dragonfly cane motif shining through from the back side?
Too bad our necks are not transparent, or maybe that is for the best, but I delight in touches of this sort in my work.  It keeps me amused and content.
The two pair of earrings made to match the neckpiece went like hotcakes at my show yesterday

I will need to make more before my next show on August 10,.Hip Sips.

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