Monday, April 4, 2016

Challenge Recto Verso

Do you ever wish you could actually touch some of the beautiful creations you find photos of on Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram?  I often wish I could pick them up and see them from all angles.  Today on Parole de Pâte we are able to admire a collection of  pendants from both front and back. At Créations en Pâte Polymère (Création Fimo) we have been working on a challenge to make the reverse sides of our pieces as professional and pretty as the fronts, and our pendants had to be made entirely of polymer. Here is the front of the piece I made for this challenge...
and a closeup of the back...

 I nearly always have more fun designing the back of my pendants, broaches, bracelets and earrings than the front.  I allow myself the joy of being free to play on the reverse sides.  My creativity is much less restrained as I don't worry about how "good" or "balanced" or "acceptable" the design is. There where my work will not be on display I have no worry of being judged.
Here are some examples of what I like to do with the reverse sides:

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