Thursday, June 25, 2009

I've Been Tagged
Kate (see my very first blog below) of Organic Odysseys has tagged me along with several other bloggers. That means I need to tell six things that make me happy. Oh, no, it isn't that easy, they have to be silly things that make me happy. I don't usually consider anything that makes me happy silly, but I'll try.
1. I love that warm, cuddly hug when my boys first wake up in the morning.
2. I love the sound of mourning doves. It reminds me of a story my mom told me that her mama told her about her firstborn child, Bobby. Bobby didn't like mourning doves since they wakened him. I have been told many times, that Bobby would say this poem, "Those morning doves, those morning doves. I don't like those morning doves. I is tired, I is weary, please pick I up and kiss I, deary. Who took me from that nice warm cot and put me on this old cold pot? I is froo, come and get me." Bobby passed away when he was just two, but everyone in my family knows this poem and remembers him fondly. I can still hear my mother's voice when I hear the mourning doves. That's a blessing to me. The photo at the top of the page is of Bobby at the beach with his mama, my Grandma (Amy) on the far left. (They were with Amy's husband's sister, Rhea, and Rhea's husband, Els.) I'm guessing Raymond, Amy's husband, and my grandfather, took the photo.
3. I love finding interesting rocks along the side of a lake, or in a parking lot, or in the landscaping around a restaurant, at a park, or beside a river, pretty much anywhere. I love to adopt them and give them a good home in my rock garden.
4. Seeing a red bird or a yellow bird or a blue bird, oh, pretty much any kind of bird, makes me happy.
5. I love the sound of my sister's giggle.
6. I love the sparkles in my husband's eyes.

Now, I have to tag others to do the same. Here goes...
I tag you, Pikachuu!


  1. thank you Jill! i think i need more than 24 hours (and some new characteristics) to answer my lately tags :) thank you !

  2. Thanks for the nod! I love the sparkle in your eyes, too!