Saturday, July 4, 2009

Black and White and Ready for IPCA Retreat

Hi, I'm busy getting ready for the IPCA Retreat. Part of the fun is making beads to share with others at the event. We were given an assignment to make black and white beads, so I went to my "caning zone"
and was struck by the work of Hisashi Otsuka.
Here is a website explaining a bit about this tremendously talented Japanese artist:
In particular, his poster of a woman and bird really inpired me!
Here is another link: I'm stilll so awkward with using this blog, but I wanted to share a technique that may be something others have not tried before. I wanted to make veins in my butterfly canes that were much thinner than is possible with normal caning methods, so I decided to mix oil paint and liquid polymer clay to get a nice effect. I used this technique of painting the inside of a cane with my blue morpho butterfly, and here is an example of a pendant I made with that cane. Now I'm using the same idea to construct this black and white (and gray) peacock feather. Here are some photos showing how I do this. Hope you enjoy learning about this idea of mine...Please ask questions if you'd like to know more :)

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