Thursday, January 28, 2010

Enriching our Lives through Art - Internationally!

During Christmas vacation I noticed that my photos on Flickr were visited by a group of people on a forum in Poland. This made me quite curious, so I went to the site to learn more. I found a short post from a lady who was asking whether anyone could help her understand my technique for what I call "trees in the sunset." She made a link to my Flickr photo and asked whether anyone could help her understand how I was doing this. I noticed that nobody was answering her, and I felt so bad about that, so I found a way to contact her and ...

Here are some of my favorite photos she sent me this week:

As you can see, Krystyna has mastered my technique and has made it her own. She also has her own techniques. I will have to ask her to teach me about her ideas.

I'm so very happy to have met Krystyna, my new friend from Poland. I am thankful that we have been able to use the Internet to communicate. Even though we both speak more than one language, we don't share any in common, so we have had to rely on family members and on-line translators. I know we don't understand every word, but we are making enough sense to one another to begin to get to know each other and share artistic ideas.
Even two years ago I would never have dreamed of having these amazing opportunities to share ideas with Krystyna and with other new artists I have met in Germany, France, Israel, and more. It is truly a wonderful and amazing adventure for me, and I thank you, Krystyna, and my other new friends for having truly enriched my life.


  1. Lovely works ang great colors, she mastered the technique excellently!It was very nice of you to help her!!!

  2. Fabulous piece with such dramatic colors.

  3. My dear friend, if it weren't for your loving heart that glows through the space and touches other hearts across the world nothing of this would have happened so thank you for having no boundaries in you! Thank you also for the reward you gave me! Love from Sandra

  4. Thanks so very much, Feeling and Sheri and Sandra.
    Krystyna is so happy to see your compliments. I just had a message from her and she asked me to thank you all.
    Sandra, I don't know how to describe the way your words touched my heart. I will look at them whenever I need joy in a time of darkness.

  5. Hermosos!!!! Muy buena tecnica!
    Te dejo en mi blog

  6. Hi Jill, I just found you thru other blogs and looking in your flickr.
    I am a mad polyclayist too, love all your work, and think the same as you as to being able to be here and meet people from all over the world. Aleksandra is a lovely friend of mine too that I have met this way.Krystinas work is so lovely.
    I think it is so great to be able to communicate this way, and no one ever needs to be lonely with all we have to do these days.
    Will be back soon
    Elizabeth from Queensland Australia.