Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Silhouette at Sunset - TADA 365, December 9, #350 - Carved Earrings-Tutorial in a Photo

Silhouette at Sunset - TADA 365, December 9, #350 - Carved Earrings- Tutorial in a Photo, originally uploaded by Jill Palumbo.

Earrings for Kristin –

It is nearing the end of the year, and I have had no time to get ready for the holidays.  Preparing for a Spanish test on December 16 kept me buried in verb tenses and vocabulary, and there was no time left for picking out presents; so, here is a quick tutorial for all of my claying friends.  

One of my former students asked me to make some earrings similar in style to this pendant:  The original piece was inspired by a Flickr friend of mine, a photographer and retired teacher, FreeSpirit5.  

This tiny tutorial shows how I came up with much smaller versions of Gary's silhouetted robin.  

            1)  Sketched – about the right size and shape

            2)  Created a skinner blend of sunset/sunrise colors in clay

            3)  Cut and placed trapezoid shaped clay on another much darker skinner blend    

            4)  Cut out dark clay "frames"

            5)  Carved robins on a branch – I like to spray clay with water and impress an image on uncured clay.  The water makes the clay move better.  My tool of choice is usually a tiny knitting needle.    

            6)  Inserted (sandwiched between clay) figure 8 shaped wire on back for hanging the earrings

            7)  Added some cutouts of birds on backs along with my signature.

            8)  Cured, painted with black acrylic, sanded and buffed.  

            9)  Added earring wires

Now the project is finished and I have accomplished my first holiday gift.  This is for you, my claying friends and readers. 

Wishing you a warm and safe season with time for yourselves and time to be with loved ones too,


  1. I absolutely love these earrings! :) You are the the best! :) <3

  2. Oh, thank you Kristin. I'm so happy you like them. It took me long enough to get around to making these ! Hope you are doing great and are very happy in your university studies.
    I'm trying to keep up with you on Facebook and I'm very proud of you!

  3. Thanks so much, this can be a real creative task.