Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MAR ABS Monthly Challenge - Art Bead Scene - March 2012

MAR ABS Monthly Challenge - Art Bead Scene - March 2012, originally uploaded by Jill Palumbo.

Cada mes que viene yo espero el rato de Art Bead Scene. Las escritoras del blog escoge un obre famoso para dar inspiración a nosotros que creen perlas o que creen cosas con perlas hechas a mano.
Este mes es un cuadro de una artista muy famosa, Vincent Van Gogh. El cuadro es llamado Escena de una calle en Montmartre: el molino de pimienta.
Each month I look forward to seeing the new challenge piece, a work of art chosen by the writers of the ABS blog. The writers challenge those of us who make beads or those who create with handmade beads to use this as an inspiration for our work. I love working within this sort of vague yet meaningful boundary. It makes me think and gives me satisfaction when I am able to complete a challenge piece. This month I did not make any jewelry based on the challenge. Instead I made a mosaic cart - actually a commision whose choice of color included rusty red.
Yo no creí joyerías con mis perlas, sino creí un mosaico. Puede ver el proceso...
 I sanded and painted a small cart with glass shelves. 
Lijé y pinté una carretilla pequeña con estantes de vidrio. 
 Pinté el vidrio con tintas.  I painted the glass with inks. 
Me gustaba esta gama: 
I liked this palette:

Creí perlas de polímero.  I created beads with polymer.

 Dibujé unas ramas.  I drew some branches.
 Di un toque extra a las perlas azules con polímero y un poco de pintura metálica.  I gave the blue beads a bit of interest with more polymer and a touch of metalic paint. 
 I glued and glued (polymer to glass, tempered glass to glass and polymer) . 
Pegué muchas veces (las perlas encima del vidrio, el vidrio templado encima de las perlas y encima del vidrio de los estantes tambien). 

 Enleché.  I grouted.

 Y pinté la lechada... And I painted the grout...

 Es todo.  That is it, from start to finish. 
Gracias, ABS por su inspiración.  - Thanks ABS for your inspiration.


  1. Hi Jill!!!! Un trabajo maravilloso . Congratulations!!!!

  2. Muchas Gracias mi amiga artista, Carmen.

  3. Really wonderful! I had to stop and see this cart after getting a peek at ABS. It's AMAZING! Thank you!

  4. Thank you Two Dog Pond,
    I appreciate that you came to visit and leave a note for me. Your name is intriguing. I looked at your blog and saw that it is the name of a place too? Your work is so varied and interesting. A pleasure to meet you !

  5. Wow, that is awesome!! Such a unique and creative interpretation of the painting.

  6. Hi Tracy, thanks for your kind comment. I just visited your blog and saw your lovely necklace. It was so interesting how you put everything together, and the beads with splodges are to die for! I tried to leave you a comment on your blog, but I don't think I succeeded. So sorry. In any case it is a pleasure to meet you here and thanks for your encouragement.

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