Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Art Bead Scene Challenge - Collier Serf MARABS

Last Day of March! This entry is too late for the ABS blog hop however I refused to give up making my own post - better late than never. This month the work of art chosen by ABS for inspiration threw me for a loop. It was so colorful, and so detailed. Honestly, I was confused about how to respond to it.
The artwork is by Marc Franz, titled Deer In the Forest, 1911, Oil on Canvas, 100.97 x 104.78 cm, Philips Collection, Washington DC, USA
I have many failed attempts on my studio table to prove that I've not been forgetful about this particular challenge. In the end, I'm pleased with my collier cerf. I made the deer's head with the millefiori technique, and put it in a setting made with Donna Kato's brocade technique over a"bezel" made from an impression from the inside of a large mushroom. The circular beads (made with scraps of the clay from my many failed attempts) lay on their side and are woven so that they move easilly- very comfortable. I purchased the long brown wooden beads from Von's in West Lafayette, Indiana. My sister and I took a trip to see my son earlier this week. We just had to stop at Von's - they claim they have the largest selection of beads in the US. I need more beads like a hole in the head! but can't stop myself from heading to bead shops each time I come close to one, oh, and Von's is like bead heaven.
Yes, this month has certainly been a busy one for me, but I cannot complain. I'm having a new experience with claying. I've joined CréationFimo, a forum of francophones who fimotent (do polymer). They are a delightfully creative and prolific group. They share ideas and help one another with everything from how to take photos to links with recipes for making shades clay. I'm still so new there that I'm lost most of the time, but as I find my I discover art that gives me such joy. I'll have to share some links here soon to some websites/blogs of these amazing fimoteuses (and Moïse, le fimoteur). I've yet to meet Moïse. He may be hiding in a floating basket with a protective group of sisters watching over him?
All this to say that my ABS challenge piece is LATE. I have been tryiing out the challenges at CréationFimo, and the pieces I've made for that group need to be held back from sharing on line until a certain date. Today is the day to share les oeufs (decorated eggs). I'll add my humble "egg" post later today.

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  1. que collar mas precioso, el montage me encanta y ademas miles de detalles super bien elegidos, que bello trabajo, hasta pronto, carol

  2. I am so glad that you shared this with us! What a unique and intriguing focal you made! I am always amazed at hearing the stories of creation an artist goes through to get to the final project. This has a wonderful earthy quality and I love the little deer head! Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. Well hello, and thank you for mentioning our shop in your blog! This is a beautiful piece.

    We would like to mention that we claim to have the largest STONE bead selection in the US. We will leave other bead materials to other bead shops! We hope to see you at Von's again soon!