Saturday, March 30, 2013

What a wonderful week!  
 Quelle semaine formidable!!!
This week I made the acquaintance of so many wonderful new clayers.  I finally allowed myself some time to delve into my first adopted language, French, and my interest in polymer at the same time.
I've been reading the French blog Parole de Pâte for several years now, and have always been curious to know more about the artists featured regularly there.   The post about purses knocked my socks off; and then the challenge about eyeglasses, well, I couldn't get enough. 
I summoned the courage to ask to become a member of Créationfimo, a group of clayers who speak French.  After all my trepidation, I was overjoyed to be made to feel right at home.  I am still getting to know my way around the forum, but it has been a joy at each turn.  I feel like a kid in a candy shop.  Each member is a treasure to discover.   
The regular challenges there have been keeping me "hopping" this week before Easter.  I can't breathe a word about each of the challenges except for this one for now.  This challenge is the first of several I've already entered and it is all about decorating eggs.  Such beautiful eggs they make, right!  I played along using a real chicken egg as a base.  This was my first egg to blow out since I was a little girl.  It is the first egg I've ever made with clay.  I like the process, and maybe I'll try something more ornate and pretty next time.
For my humble first try I covered the real eggshell with translucent Pardo, tinted the outside with alcohol inks, and cut a small hole in the top.  After curing, I broke up and removed the egg shell.  Mine is not much to look at, but it is a "useful" egg.  It is glued to the top of a glass vase (turned upside down) and it actually holds water.  It is patiently awaiting crocuses that were buried in ten inches of snow these last few days.

It has finally warmed up to melt most of the snow, and I am crossing my fingers that they might pop out later today?  I'd love to put my new egg vase to use on Easter. 


  1. Jill ton œuf est extraordinaire! Tellement original! Et tu n'as pas encore posté ton bracelet mais je l'adore! (et j'ai tout compris en anglais! moi aussi je me sens comme une petite fille qui a gagné un bonbon quand je comprends tout!!!)