Monday, September 2, 2013

Challenge Transparence - CréationFimo

 On CréationFimo we were asked to take part in a transparency challenge. You should come visit Parole de Pâte today (September 3, 2013)  to see the collection of beautifully transparent creations made for the challenge.
    When I think of lovely transparent polymer, the first name who comes to my mind is  Kathrin Neumaier.  What amazing things she does! Her work is such an inspiring puzzle to me.
  Trying to emulate her hollow forms, I used everything from wax to rice flour and had very little success for weeks!  I'll not show all the failures, all my attempts that went sadly wrong.  At the end of the trials, I did come up with a few pieces that make me smile.  Here is a small collection of those that I like; although the level of transparency is not quite what I'm trying to achieve.
  This is the closest I've been to doing a truly transparent piece.  I used an actual pepper and cured liquid Fimo on it with my heat gun before putting it in the oven.

The next few were not as transparent, but I liked the shapes.  I used cornstarch packing peanuts to make these hollow shapes.  

Here is a lily pendant with a transparent dragonfly wing as its support.  
And a pretty fairy pendant.  
Well, now it is on to the next challenge.  Can't say what it is yet, but I'm really going to have fun with it!  


  1. Magnifico!!!! Me gustan tus desafíos......

  2. thank you for your participation. It was hard to do, and also hard to take a picture which shows the transparency, but you succed ! friendly Hugs and have a nice day

  3. J'aime beauuuucoup cette collection!!! Biz

  4. Ton collier est absolument magnifiqe ! Et les autres essais sont géniaux : j'adore les 2 bleu-mauve et le 1er vert : un délice !
    J'aimerais essayer ta technique, mais je me demande comment tu retires la cacahutette ou le piment une fois cuit... ? en plongeant dans l'eau ?
    Grand grand bravo !

  5. Salut, Hola, mis amigas/mes amies, Merci pour tes commentaires. Gracias también.
    Pour répondre aux questions, j'ai assez facilement retiré le piment parceque le chaleur (premièrement du pistolet thermique et après du four) l'a rétréci. A propos des "cacahuètes", ce ne sont pas les vraies; j'ai utilisé les arachides (biodégradables)d'emballage en mousse de fécule de maïs (attention, surtout pas en polystyrène extrudé). Après avoir retiré les bijoux du four, on peut les immerger dans l'eau pour faire fondre les arachides en fécule de maïs. C'était vite fait et bien facile.

  6. Thanks a lot this. i saw the collection of beautifully transparent creations made for the challenge. I defiantly visit the link u you describe. Polymer plays such a great and beautiful role in human life.