Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Challenge Tirelire - Piggy Bank Challenge

Aujourd'hui sur Parole de Pâte le challenge tirelire...
My friends at Créationfimo have been whipping up creative savings contraptions for a "piggy bank" challenge.  Tewee is an immensely kind person, an amazing artist and the official "goddess of challenges" for the francophone polymer art world.
 This tirelire challenge was so enjoyable for me!  I gathered together my most colorful canes and went to town.  Some of my canes were gifts from others.  If you are Nancy Buchanan, my sister by birth, or our sister in clay, Anna Sabina Stratton, you might see a bit of your handiwork in my piggy.

On Friday afternoon this Mr. Pig is going to be raffled off as part of our school's French Club's fund raiser.  My students seem to really like this little guy, so I'm sure he will be going to a good home.

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  1. So cute! is it polymer clay covered glass? I like it -- it makes me smile ;-)