Monday, June 30, 2014

Challenge Noir hosted by Parole de Pâte

The latest challenge organized by Tewee of the group CréationFimo and presented by the blog Parole de Pâte was all about black.  Participants were asked to use only black clay combined with at least three surface techniques including textures and metallic foils, paste, micro beads, or  glitter.  I LOVE black and metallics and textures, so this was a joy from start to finish. Actually I went through more than a pound of black Premo making my pieces. 
These pendants feature textures in black clay made by Queen Anne's Lace, fabric, and impression from a vintage Japanese tin jewelry box.  The textures were highlighted by guilder's paste in gold, silver and copper.  Finally you will notice bits of foil added here and there and especially on the edges of each piece.  

I took photos of some of my creations to share with you today, and will most likely post a few more here tomorrow when I can take advantage of natural sunlight.  I will then explain with some short tutorials how I made my textures.

The necklace above was created by using black clay, guilder's paste, micro beads and textures.  Note the findings using the same surface techniques.  

A simple textured black pendant with foil accents

This pendant used some stamps made by hand from buttons.  

The texture in this piece is from the same Japanese tin as above but with more copper and gold foils and paste and less silver.  

These are but a few of the dozens of earrings I made from the odds and ends of textured clay left from making pendants and bracelets.

To finish off today's article I will leave you with some necktie-shaped earrings in honor of Marie-France Tournat, one of the most creative artists I know.  

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