Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Little Mermaid - Art Bead Scene Blog: July Monthly Challenge

Art Bead Scene Blog: July Monthly Challenge
This month's challenge at the Art Bead Scene is a work by Edmund Dulac, a French-born illustrator.  We were challenged to make pieces with art beads from a specific piece of Dulac's titled The Little Mermaid:
To make my Little Mermaid inspired bracelet, I first made polymer beads using a texture sheet described in my Flickr photostream here.  I thought the textures were especially good for an underwater feel.

The polymer clay beads I made were textured, painted and adorned with magic gloss, micro beads and metal leaf.  I added some vintage metal beads from my flea-market stash for a spiky flash.
Here are some views and details for you to see my beads and bracelet:


  1. I think these beads are just beautiful and so evocative of the inspiration piece. I love the textures!

  2. Like each bead is a mini work of art...love how they each reflect some part of this painting. The spiky metal pieces add another level of interest your work. Bravo!

  3. I am totally intrigued by your process Miss Jill. I think that the beads look like little windows to an underwater cavern. Very mysterious. Love the gold spike beads as well. One of my favorites for this month! Thank you for participating in the Art Bead Scene Challenge for July! Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. Je suis totalement sous le charme de ce bijou, magnifique.
    Quel joli travail, quel beau résultat !
    Un très grand bravo...