Saturday, September 6, 2014

Challenge jaune

Tewee of CreationFimo has tempted us with "le challenge jaune."  This particular challenge which is all about my favorite color since childhood has held me in its grasp for a couple months now.  I do love yellow, but especially when it is not standing on its own.  First I tried to use a  lemon yellow to orange yellow textured skinner blend with touches of acrylic paints as a veneer for a caleidoscope. I actually made this one from scratch with mirrors and glass I cut/broke myself.
I even added yellow beads to turn cause the pretty reflections inside to match the yellow theme. 
 After I fired it I felt that it was a bit too orange and I could see that I had added a bit too much copper acrylic to highlight the textures.  
I regrouped my ideas and decided to make a yellow peacock feather cane.
 These first canes came out a bit too honey colored for a true yellow challenge.  I did not give up!  The third time is a charm, right?
Now I had a cane I liked and put it to use on a collar neckpiece. I covered a metal collar that I expected to be able to remove later, but it actually adhered to the polymer permanently.  I decided to let it remain inside and covered the back with a layer of soft yellow clay.  The white parts of the uncured feather above are actually translucent clay that clears after curing.  After it was all together and ready to wear I still wasn't quite happy with. I decided to add a bit more interest by carving some feathery veins into the surface.  I back filled these with metallic yellow acrylic paint, sanded, buffed and polished.  I finally felt that this collar was something I could be happy to enter into the challenge group.
 It sits nicely just above the collar bone and hugs my neck comfortably. I am thinking about making earrings that will compliment this, or maybe it can stand alone.

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