Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Stripes! plus Colors! Challenge

Challenge - des rayures et de couleures
The francophone group, Créations en Pâte Polymère ou CréationsFimo, has been working on one challenge after another.   Schoolwork kept me too busy to blog for a couple months, but now I can share what we have been doing... 
This challenge was twofold.  We needed to use the colors in the palette as well as make beautifully strait and parallel stripes. 
I never find it easy to make anything perfectly anything, so this was an especially difficult challenge for me. 
First my blue was too green and then my stripes went wonky.  So, lucky for me there was a thing called poisson d'avril! (fish of April = April Fools!)
That’s okay, I tried again.  This time my colors were better and my stripes more parallel.  

I made several pieces for the challenge, but my bracelet was the one I entered.  
I never did get the stripes perfectly aligned, but I had fun with the scraps. I made many more earrings and beads...
This is a whistle necklace made with the technique from this tutorial by Joan Tayler Design. My friend who is an artist and art teacher, Chic Elbert, bought it to wear to school.  She might use it to get everyone's attention.  

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