Saturday, November 27, 2010

Expectations and Fulfillment... Art Bead Scene Challenge - Gustav Klimt

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This entry for the November Art Bead Scene Challenge  is titled Expectation.  It is inspired by the artwork of the Viennese artist, Gustav Klimt.  He titled this piece The Tree of Life

From the Art Bead Scene Blog
  When I made the focal beads I zoned in on the triangular shapes on the lady to the left of Klimt's painting.  In my mind, the sharp edges of these shapes symbolize pain as well as the movement toward this lonely lady's overwhelming goal to be accepted and loved. 

Attending to the importance of the tree itself, I had to make some flower and eye canes since millefiori is what I love to do most with my clay whenever I have a chance. 

Klimt Canes - The Tree of Life as inspiration

This specific mokume gane effect with textures and sparkly glitz (bits of tempered glass and beads) is borrowed from a polymer clay artist I've recently met on Flickr, Carme Garcia.  I just loved her golden pendant here... Thank you Carme for sharing your marvelous artwork.  Besitos a Carme :)  I send you hugs.   

My other entry, Fulfillment,  represents the embracing couple to the right of Klimt's work.

Fulfillment - ABS Challenge Entry
  The beads I made for this piece dwell on the repetition of round shapes, such a stark difference in the clothing of these figures when compared to the lonely woman on the left.  I used the same polymer clay palette as in the piece above titled Expectation, but this time I used molds inspired by the work of Grant Diffendaffer whose book I've been poring over for the last couple months.  I just love playing with textures and making molds and stamps.

I learned something new to put this piece together.  My dear sister, Nancy, also a polymer clay artist, came for the Thanksgiving holiday and we clayed and talked and had a wonderful visit.  She brought me a tool and taught me to make chain with wires! 
 I loved the effect and it was much easier than I expected.   Thanks, Nan!  I added some jump rings and a closure and my piece was finished - and how satisfying that each and every part was my own creation, my own focal beads, my own findings - right down to the signature on my closure piece.   

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog.  I really appreciate comments too ;)  Thank you so much. 


  1. Fantástica la inspiración Jill, enhorabuena por tu trabajo.

  2. ¡Muchas Gracias, mis amigas Ma Reyes y Almudena,
    Tus commentarios generosos me dan muchos ánimos.
    Abrazos :)

  3. I am very honored by your words. It's a wonderful Necklace.
    Best regards. Hasta pronto querida Jill.

  4. ¡Hola, Carme! Mi inspiración... Muchas, muchas gracias!