Friday, June 10, 2011

Meditations on Suh

Meditations on Suh, originally uploaded by Jill Palumbo.
At this year's IPCA "Hot Clay, Cool Friends" Retreat participants are encouraged to submit "cool" colored beads for bead strands and make "hot" colored beads for swaps. Searching for inspiration, the artwork of Suh, Kyoung-Ja, a Korean artist whose work was recently exhibited in New York, caught my eye. I was mesmerized by her series Meditation, a grouping of paintings nearly identical in design but total contradictions in color.
This piece of mine titled "Meditations on Suh" in honor of  the artist who inspired me is an upcycled aquarium stand which I refurbished with mosaic shelves. Each mosaic is acrylic on wood, covered with polymer clay tiles (leaves and flowers) and tempered glass.
If you would like to see some of Suh's artwork, please check out this link: SAATCHI online.  All of her work is just amazing to me.  I LOVE her colors and designs!  Her paintings are way out of my reach financially, but I am thinking of asking Santa for a print?  Here is a slideshow on SAATCHI of Suh's works of art that are for sale...  Slideshow of Kyoungja Suh's Artwork
Here is a slideshow of the process I used to make my mosaics:

Here is a video of how we broke the tempered glass I used in this project:

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