Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gara's "Monky" - Peeper Keeper "Kollage"

Gara's "Monky" - Peeper Keeper "Kollage", originally uploaded by Jill Palumbo.

My next-door neighbor, Gara, recently ordered her first pair of glasses.  She wasn't very thrilled about it at first.  She decided that she would be okay if she had a glasses holder for her new glasses.  She wanted a monkey.  Well this was a bit difficult to find, so her mommy, Gina, asked me if I could make a monkey glasses holder.  I am always up for a challenge, so I said I'd try.  I found my inspiration for a cute monkey from a photographer on Flickr.  Thank you so much, Xie xie, TailYY. 

Here is the process I used ...She began as a little vase that I filled with glass globs and beads to keep her from becoming top heavy.
 Trying to follow Maureen Carlson's method of building faces as I remember from her presentation at the last International Polyemer Clay Association retreat and also from two of her books I am lucky enough to have in my library Family and Friends in Polymer Clay and Fairies, Gnomes & Trolls: Create a Fantasy World in Polymer Clay ...
 I needed to make the monkey's face big enough to hold Gara's glasses on it's nose, so my monkey became more and more of a caricature.  Also,  I left a little channel for the earpieces. 

 Trying to make my monkey smile :)

 Here is my monkey with TailYY's wonderful photo. 
After I tried an actual pair of children's glasses on my monkey, I decided I needed to start over with the earpieces channel idea.  I cut away the back of the head and made new "x" shaped channels that worked much better. 
When I had the basic face and upper body done I asked Gara to tell me what sort of clothes her monkey should wear.  Here are Gara's notes and drawing: 

I think her handwriting is so precious. 
 I tried to make a pink with white polkadot cane, but it was just a bit goofy looking after I worked too much with it trying to save steps by sculpting the skirt at the same time as I was addng the "fabric" design. Here is my cane anyway... 

Today I finished her by fixing her polka dots with a second skirt, adding a couple feet and giving a sparkly pink wash to her dress and bow and shoes and a golden wash to her hair. 
 I made her feet from the petal cane for her bouquet and added a pink pair of maryjanes with almond-blossom buttons on each little one. 

  Here are a few more photos of Miss Gara's new glasses holder all finished ...


  1. Me ha encantado ver todo el proceso de fabricación de tu figura. Besos Jill.....

  2. Absolutely Adorable!!!!! I have a daughter who likes monkey motifs. A cute idea.

  3. Gracias Carme. Disculpe por favor. No vi tu comentario muy simpàtico. Abrazos!
    Thank you too, Melanie. This was quite a difficult project for me, but it was worth it to know Gara liked my handiwork.